I do not read to think. I do not read to learn. I do not read to search for truth. I know the truth, and the truth is hardly what I need. I read to dream!

Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Cause I'm on the road motherfuckers! That's right I passed :D So frigging happy...Yesterday me and Matt spent the day driving around here,there and everywhere. We'll hopefully be going up to the cinema to see 'Suckerpunch' this weekend. And next weekend we're holding a BBQ. I also got my predicted grade for my first body of work today, which was a B, so I'm well chuffed. My second body is coming along well also. It all revolves around Ophelia, hopefully my final piece can take me up to an A at least..but if it doesn't I'll gladly take that B. I'm currently sat at the computer, drinking my new 'organic white tea', from my tea for one set, listening to Abney Park, whilst my mother is cooking jacket potatos for tea, and I window shop on the internet for things I really can't afford.

  • Next time; A blog on SteamPunk Couture

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Health and Clothes

So, I've decided to take up Pilates...just self taught, not proffesional. It's a great way to get back in to shape, and also really relaxing. I got myself a book/dvd combo, so all I have to do is clear a space on my floor and just get on with it. I've been trying to eat healthier latley aswell...desperate to lose some weight...but not desperate enough that I turned down that chocolate cake last night ;) In other news, my art and photography course/exams/books are so very almost finished, and I'm super proud of my work. Let's hope the examiners feel the same. I also started doing some clothes designs, I don't expect them to take me anywhere, but they're something fun to create...and I'm hoping when I can afford material I will be able to make some of the less extravegant pieces. Most of the designs revolve around the steampunk style, which means cogs, giant buttons, octupi and stripes! Now, I'm off to do some pilates and then have a long relaxing bath :)

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Just a quick update

Just arranged to arrange my first photoshoot, thanks to my new website. It's not too far away, and should definatley be interesting to photograph. Things are finally moving forward. I'm now also selling prints through dA.

If anyone out there is interesed in shooting with me as either a model or photographer, simply contact me, and we can discuss details.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Step by step self portrait shoot

I thought I would post a step by step of how I create a self portrait shoot. As I had to take some really basic images to draw from for my art work, I thought I'd use that oppurtunity to show my process.

First things first, get your teapot full, and ready to drink;

Secondly, make sure you have your referances to hand (if neccessary);

If you're me...choose to start a project at a ridiculous hour;

Next, do your make up;

Now have a tea break;
Get dressed;

Lace your corset tightly, breathing is unimportant...

Now pose as required;
Time for more tea....before;

...editing your images. This was just a really quick edit to get across my point;

Friday, 18 March 2011

Veronica Varlow

Veronica Varlow....ahh...possibly the worlds best human being. Not only does she tour with Emilie Autumn, not only is she a fantastic burlesque performer, not only is she super sexy...she is determined to have world domination and smother the world in her healing kisses. She is totally inspiring, and a genuinley gorgeous person inside and out.

I have had the pleasure of meeting her 3 times, and every time she has been a hundred percent genuine, totally nice and a lot of fun. Her burlesque act is something alluring yet emotionally charging.

She also owns her own online boutique where she sells her Danger Dame items. She lives in her own world of magic and history, and tries to share that with the world.

Her online journal is so personal and inspiring, if ever I am feeling down, I go there and she always puts a smile on my face.

She is followed by her own Kissing Army (VKA), her loyal friends and followers who dedicate themselves to making the world a better place...and to spread their poison kisses...of which I am an avid supporter and member.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Let them eat cake

I recently hijacked some models to do some photography work for my course. These came out so much better than my previous very rushed attempt. But I like to do a rush through of as many images as I can, so if I don't have time to finish them properly I have something to fall back on.
For this photoshoot we were focusing on Goth, 1920s and Marie Antionette.
Anyway I'm really proud of these shots. I hope you like them

I'm currently going on a major art spree aswell to try and get ahead in that course, so I don't have to rush everything. For my art project now I am focussing on Ophelias suicide :)

Saturday, 12 March 2011

La la la

I'm in Matts bedroom, tucked up in a corner with a mug of earl grey, watching 'Africas Deadliest Animals' on my laptop, while I'm waiting to get 'David Attenboroughs First Life'. In front of me Matt is playing a game with an army of mini admirers, which would be his younger brothers friends. I'm loving life at the moment. Even though things are getting to me inside, I've decided to not get stressed and just relax, see the beauty in things. Like if I'm getting annoyed, I can stare out of the window at the birds and the sun, or go out for a refreshing walk in the rain, and I let the stress drop away from me.
I'm trying also, to widen my knowledge on general things. The Dinosaurs, Animal Behaviour, Nature...life really. Things I probably won't need to know ever in my life, but I love to say I know them.
For example; Did you know;
  • Wolves can choose when to become pregnant, and if they become pregnant and then circumstances change and it is no longer safe to bare cubs, she can abort them and ingest them into her body.
  • Sharks have a Y shaped brain that stems down it's face.
  • If you get bitten by a black Mamba snake you have about 20 minutes to live, while if you get bitten by a green Mamba, the fatality rate is very low.

Monday and Tuesday I have my art exam. I'm not worried though, I know what I'm doing, I'm prepared, and I have chosen a good artist to replicate. Hopefully it all goes to plan, and my piece comes out well. I will try to sneak a picture of it before it is whisked away from me to be marked.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011


The holy book

Spring clean

I was up till mega late last night, spring cleaning all the corners of my room. I don't know quite what happened...I guess you know you're grown up when you can't stand mess anymore :p
I feel like getting things organised, the other day I got a load of things for when I move out, just little bits for around the house and such, teapots, and teabag holders, popuri, candle holders, ornamental bits. It was good. It feels like I'm making some steps towards the future.

I'm currently sat in my kitchen with the sun blaring through the window, whilst I drink my morning cup of earl grey, and I think of the ways I can be creative today. Due to the sun, I might hop out into the garden with my macro lens and try capture some birdies!

Sunday, 6 March 2011


I've been on a real animal photography trip latley, uploading all my animal shots to dA...please go check them out if you have the urge...

I'm planning on going to photograph some horses within the next week, so hopefully that will have some good results.

I'm currently eating fairy cakes and drinking chai tea, whilst cleaning my camera lens, whilst Matt and his friend are screaming at C.O.D, because they keep dieing.
Tonight we have a movie fest planned, to clear things off his sky box, so it'll probably be a long night, which may not be the best idea as I have collage at 7.00am tommorow.

green eyed girl

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Such a busy week

Tuesday - College 11.00 til 5.00
Make a cake for someones birthday
Practice show me/tell me test

Wednesday - College 10.00 til 2.00
Celebrate Matts birthday
Go driving with Grandad

Thursday - College 10.00 til 1.00
Driving lesson 2.30

Friday - Driving test
Cinema to see 'Paul'
Buy a melon!