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Monday, 2 July 2012

Cardiff - Lush items, and Comic book heels

So me and Matt have had an absolutley wonderful time out and about last week. We ended the week on a high note, whilst visiting Cardiff. I spent so, so much money in Lush, Forbidden Planet and Whittards.
 We started the day with me testing facemasks in Lush, I ended up purchasing Cosmetic Warrior, which I have yet to use, and also the cleanser 'Angels on Bare Skin' - which I have used once and has already greatly improved my skin! It's a lovely lavendery concoction, that makes my skin really smooth, and is already having an effect on my breakouts. Leaving Lush for a while, so I could contemplate a few more purchases, we headed off up into Cardiff. Matt found the Americandy store in St.Davids, so I left him purchasing 'Wonka Nerds' and headed to the glorious Whittards. I was greeted with a nice taster cup of their new jubilee tea, which I now heavily regret not buying! It was a wondeful smelling and tasting peach and apricot loose leaf black tea. After a quick browse around the shop...I was coerced...yes, coerced into purchasing some Chocolate Chai. I was fairly dubious about it, but trusted my cashier. I also got some Apple and Elderflower infusion tea, and some Cinnamon Chai.
 We hit a few more shops, and stopped for a buffet lunch at pizza hut before hitting Forbidden Planet. I don't like the Cardiff store as much as the Bristol one, but I was still able to find some interesting comics that came home with me. (As did Matt)
 We were in a fair bit of a hurry, as I had to make the bus back to the park and ride, to get home for work, pretty sharpish..so we power-walked through St.Davids, where Matt went to Game, and I went to the Disney Store. He came and found me, saying we needed to go to the Market to get a controller for his super nintendo. So we practically ran there...my feet dieing in my heels. After that mad dash, and Matt finding what he needed, we went back to Lush so I could complete my order. I knew I wanted a gift box, and for some reason I cannot think of, I went for the 'Rosie' one. It smells lovely and contains 'Ro's Argan Body Conditioner' which I wanted to buy anyway. I got some Veganese hair conditioner, and a 'Ceridwens Cauldron' bath melt. I almost made it out of the shop with some money left in my pocket...but then I spotted the solid perfumes on the counter.
 As much as I love my 'Dear John' perfume, I really wanted to experiment with different scents, as I haven't found one that I want to wear forever and be my signature. Still in a rush, I made some snap decisions, and came home with 'The smell of Weather Turning', and 'Ginger'. I adore them both already. 'Ginger' just clings to my skin, where my old 'Dear John' used to fade far too quickly...both are much stronger smells - I can't stop sniffing at my wrists.
 So that was that, our day was over...our week of travels and adventures over. *Raising cup of organic white tea* Heres' to many more like it!

Something else I purchased that weekend was Mod Podge - why did I need that you ask...because I'm making comic strip shoes. I've finished the one shoe (shown below) and am excited to finish the pair now!

Slimbridge Wetlands

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