I do not read to think. I do not read to learn. I do not read to search for truth. I know the truth, and the truth is hardly what I need. I read to dream!

Friday, 13 April 2012

An update on my week!

I am in desperate need of some lovely dresses and skirts...I may be forced to learn how to sew, as I can't find anything nice in my price range. I'm debating on whether to invest in a sewing machine..hhmmmm??

Anyway, I am having a glorious end to the week, despite working myself half to death every evening, my days have been full of magick, and sunshine! Yesterday I finished a shoot, I had been dieing to create for months now...and the outcomes were rather striking. I feel like me and my little artists created something magickal that day...When it came to taking the final images, I almost got chills at the scene we had created.
 In other news my days have also been filled with the most magnificent tea! I have spent hours indulging in the most amazing new teas! Jasmine, Japanese Wild Cherry, and Blue Lady Earl Grey! They all smell magnificent, and are simple mouth-watering <3
 I also got around to doing something I've wanted to do for years now, and I adopted an amur leopard from the WWF. It is a great feeling to know I am helping, even the smallest amount. And my little cuddly leopard arrived this morning in the post, and is currently cuddled on my lap.

I've been thinking alot about the future, and what I want to do with it..well, no...more so with how I'm going to make it all happen. I think it's going to be a long road, but hopefullly...one day I'll end up where I dream to be.

Monday, 9 April 2012

WanderLust Shoot 2; Siren

This was the lateset WanderLust shoot, taken in Filey, on the beach whilst on holiday! I really love the outcomes for this set, entitled 'Siren'...

I think some of them look rather magickal!