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Friday, 3 December 2010

Mr. Depp

This is a watercolour portrait of Johnny Depp, I painted not long ago. I'm actually quite proud of the likeness.

Depp has to be my favourite male actor of all time. Not only is he smulderingly sexy, but he's also insanly talented. His characters although not always versatile in range, are such complete and whole people, that you don't doubt for a second that Depp has truley become his character.

My top 5 Johnny films have to be; (in no order)
- From Hell
- Alice In Wonderland
- Ed Wood
-The Libertine

If you've not seen any of the films above, you must see them immediatley. Especially 'From Hell' and 'The Libertine', which are absolutley bloody, brilliant movies. Very moving and powerful.

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