I do not read to think. I do not read to learn. I do not read to search for truth. I know the truth, and the truth is hardly what I need. I read to dream!

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Refuge - Poem

Thunder echoed overhead, like galloping horses,
As the wind caressed me like a lover.
Lightening flashed down around me,
As I stood there on the mountain side,
Surrounded by the dyeing scenes of nature.
I watched the world pass below.
Up here I was lost,
Gone from the world.
But somehow it was better,
Different from the frailties of life.
I'd escaped.

I wrote this a few years ago in my English Lit classes. I actually liked how it came out, it was one of those, here's a group of random words make a poem in the style of ______ things.

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