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Saturday, 18 December 2010

A String Of Pearls...

I'm getting too into this blogging melarchy...but I get inspired to go through all my old photos, and just think of more great experiences to share.

The following images, are from my stage show 'A String Of Pearls; A Tale Of Sweeney Todd'. Me and fellow production member Kate Downes wrote the script to the whole thing, based on the original penny dreadful tale of the demon barber.

We put the show on for two nights, and it was an amazing spectacle, of which I was amazingly proud of my whole company.

Courtesy of CastleDeanProductions;

Myself and Luke; Johanna and Anthony

The scriptees....

Victoria and Jacob; Sweeney and Lovett

Lovett, Anthony and Sweeney having a serious discussion....

Kate and Jordan; Madame Fogg and Judge Turpin

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