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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Steampunk Couture

Ok...so I've always loved the victorians, and always been fairly interested in Steampunk...I think it's all so beautiful! But then I discovered Steampunk Couture, which has really jump started my love for steampunk into gear.

So Steampunk Couture is owned and run by a woman called Kato, who it turns out lived not far from me in rainy Wales, but who moved to LA to make a living from her clothing designs. They are seriously some of the most gorgeous things.

She designs and makes everything herself, with a very small crew of helpers, like an assisstant and an in house photographer.

Katos' also one very smexy woman;

So show her some love, and buy things from her website, when it is up and running again, with her new spring line.

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