I do not read to think. I do not read to learn. I do not read to search for truth. I know the truth, and the truth is hardly what I need. I read to dream!

Monday, 21 February 2011

Time is flying...

Life feels like it's moving so fast these days, maybe it's because I have too much to do. I think I'm handeling my workload pretty well to be fair. In about 2 weeks I have my practical driving test, I'm doing the prep work for my photography and art exams of this year, I have media essays to write, I'm still trying to learn tattooing, and I'm trying to spend time with Matt and my friends as much as I can.

This morning I left Matts after an extended weekend, cuddled him until 11.30am and then forced myself out of his bed, to make it home for 12. From there I killed two birds with one stone today. I'd invited some of my friends round to help me with the photos for my exam, which went fantastically and I got some great shots. I'll upload them in my next post, with some funny behind the scenes pics:)

Now, I'm going to go feed my snake, and watch some family guy as I attempt to write my media essays.

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