I do not read to think. I do not read to learn. I do not read to search for truth. I know the truth, and the truth is hardly what I need. I read to dream!

Sunday, 13 February 2011


Normal. What is normal? Who is normal? If normal is simply defined by the common denomenater then 'normal' is constantly changing. Normal people are supposed to be happy, normal people are supposed to not suffer from any physical or mental illnesses. But if we go by what is common, more people these days suffer from depression and definatley a higher number of the population would tick an unhappy box when quizzed on their life. So this would mean normal is to be sad, to live life in a downward spiral, to not function addiquetly in society. But surely normality cannot be justified using numbers and percentages. Who chooses what is normal? Who chooses if you classify as a normal human being? Is normal defined by the clothes you wear? It has become common to dress in skinny jeans and sport an emo fringe. It has become common to dress like a slut, even just to leave the house. If we strive to be normal, does this mean I want to dress like a slut? Does it mean the world wants to be full of depressed teenagers, or people wearing far too little clothing? If the world strives for normality, we want to be overpopulated with teenagers having babies, the cool thing to do to be going out and getting pissed on street corners, to be a world possessed by depression. Or is normal just a bullshit term created once a blue moon ago, to keep the people in check? As higher authorities decided the world should be? Does the word normal hold any meaning any more? Or is it just a term thrown around by any one person to another person they dislike?
But why? Why does the world strive for normality? It is not those classified as normal who have made the world a better place. It is the eccentric artists, the raw literary authors, the true. passion-filled musicians...those who want to rid themselves of this 'normal' name tag. It is their individuality that creates them. It is their passion and drive to produce works that the world really needs. Books that fill a reader with emotion, fill them so much with the disturbing beauty of life that they can't breathe. Paintings and drawings that make the world say 'Wow!', that capture you with every stroke to paper or canvas. Films that make you cry, laugh, despair, love, elated. Music that touches your soul, your inner being. Songs that stay in your head for life after being listened to once.
This is what the world wants...or at the very least what the world needs. People that break away from the norm (whatever you decide that may be) people who do what they want to do, just because they want to do it...no...these people try to fill the world with truth and beauty, because this is what they need to do. Without them, the world would be a robotic, mundane, static place of living. Nobody would think or act for themselves... that is not a life. Clearly not everyone can be an Einstein, or an Elizabeth Wurtzel, or an Emilie Autumn...but do they need to be sheep? Mindless cattle who follow the person ahead of them? We can be individual in ourselves...to better simply ourselves and our own individual worlds, rather than take on the task of changing the world, as those great people have.

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