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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Circus Style Inspiration

Firstly I'll just inform you that Professor Socks, is settling in wonderfully! She's such a cutie. I had to leave her for the first time last night for work...I spent the whole time thinking about what she would be doing. But I got home, and it seems she'd just slept cuddled up to her little amur leopard teddy, and slept till I got home.
 Over the weekend, as I am a poor bunny, I decided, inspired by The Magpies River, that I'm going to make a customised bra! I've got everything except the basic base for the bra...I think it's gunna look wonderful. I'm sure I'll share pictures when I'm done!

But I'm here to share these wonderful newish images from Ophelia Overdose, a super talented model. These images are gorgeous, so couture, high-fashion.

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