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Saturday, 9 June 2012

It's been a while! Waltz on the Wye

My, my...I've taken my time with this blog post. Ok..oo alot to talk about, where to start...ok.

I'll begin with the Waltz on the Wye Steampunk event. It was a truley magickal weekend...below you will see it in picture form.

This is me and Pr.Elemental, after his amazing performance

Waiting to go into the ball...

I won a dancing competition, dancing to the manic Rogorah Kart! I then got to play gong on stage with these gypsy nutters!

Mar - TEA - ni

Morgan and West the amazing time travelling magicians, performed an amazing set!

Me and Vicky at tea duelling


And playing at being strumpets.

It was definatley a glorious weekend! I had so many laughs, and so many amazing highlights!

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