I do not read to think. I do not read to learn. I do not read to search for truth. I know the truth, and the truth is hardly what I need. I read to dream!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Inspirational Times

So the above is a photos of me from earlier this morning, in my new 50s tigerlily print dress. I utterly adore it! It's so floaty.
I am currently sat, lounging around, drinking blood orange fruit pot tea, after cooking with Matt. He's making his own burgers from scratch tomorrow, so with the chicken and bacon that was left, he decided to make a salad. He left adding the meat till last so I could also enjoy the nice salad we made together. Aswell as his burgers, he's also making a cheesecake from scratch. Both of us are in a bid to get healthier and eat more homegrown/home cooked food.

I thought it was about time I got back to posting about some interesting, inspirational things and people. I only just discovered the woman belows work, she creates the MOST beautiful ball jointed dolls...I'm in love with the detail and design of near enough all of them.

Also, another wonderful person you must follow is the gorgeous Amanda Gray.
Not only is she a red haired goddess, but she also has great ambitions in cooking and crafts, that are always interesting and great to learn about. I'm lucky enough to class her as one of my friends, and feel honoured just to be a tiny part in her magnificent world.

Next week prepare for photos from my trip to Slimbridge Wetlands. A very image heavy post...

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