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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Tea Tasting Masterclass!

As usual I have neglected this blog...not that it matters, because nobody reads this haha. I really just keep this for myself. I enjoy blogging too much to stop entirely.

So, today I went to my local library and had a Twinings Tea Tasting Masterclass, taught by a Twinings abassador. We braved the turrential downpour...because if theres one thing I'll brave the elements for, it's free tea!
The class was really interesting; starting with a history of tea, the process used to make tea into...well different types of tea, and then we were taught how to properly taste tea. Now I've drunk a lot of tea in my 21 years of life (apparently way above average which is 2.8 cups a day for people in the UK...pfft) but it honest to god, felt like this was the first time I'd really got to taste it. This was expensive brand stuff, but just the method of tasting, even down to your breathing, really did intensify the flavours. I could appreciate the different elements to the tea. We tried Silver Needle white tea, china green tea, oolong and assam. After this we were given actual cups of tea, I had Gingersnap Peach (YUM) and scones with cream and strawberries were handed out to us all.
I wish things like this happened in our local area all the time. It was great to have something to do in the local community. AND we got to take home our very own Twinings Masterclass aprons (which are to protect your clothes from any dribbleing that may occur) which is a great reminder of a wonderful two hours.

I've also starting filming booktuber vlogs on youtube. Here's a link for any book lovers out there.

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