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Monday, 19 March 2012

First WanderLust Images!!

Alot and nothing have been going on here in the merry old land of Jade. I have officially started the 'WanderLust' Photography project...I'm doing the next shoot on Wednesday. Below are images from the first shoot - 'Inmate'.

Model; Victoria Jones
Art Department; Kate Downes
MUA & Photography; Myself (Jade Addis)

A week from today, I will be heading off on holiday for a short week. Heading up to Primrose Valley in Yorkshire. My friend Kate, is planning on vlogging the whole thing, so you'll all be able to see our antics and adventures. The main things in my bag, will be my striped tights, 50s dress, reading books, my journal, tea, and a load of alcohol :D
Off topic, I've decided to include a few tea reviews into my blog;
We'll start with...

Name; Vanilla Chai
Taste; A lush blend of spice, with the relaxing sweet taste of vanilla
Emotion; Calming
Best drank; With a fair amount of milk, in the evenings during your wind-down from the day.
Brand; I've only tried 'Tesco Finest', as I can't find it with either Twinings or Clipper.

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