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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Dresses and Books :)

So, so, so! I have started the first dress for my new series of photos, and am honestly loving the outcome! I am stormed through making this dress (with some help from my production team) and it's taken me a really short amount of time, which gives me hope we can do this shoot fairly soon.

Some in the making shots;

Also, BOOKS! I have read so much recently. I started the 'Blue Bloods' Series by Melissa de la Cruz. It was alright, nothing really special...but I'm continuing the series, just to see if it gets any better. I understand the emphasise on money and brands in the book, but it's still almost too much.
I also read 'This Dark Endevour; The apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstien', which was really enjoyable! Obviously it wasn't true to Mary Shellys original novel, but it was still good. Written abit too childlike, considering the topic, but otherwise an interesting story, with a good plot and interesting twists.
And lastly, I have almost finished 'The Hunger Games', I'd heard nothing but good things about it, so picked it up on Tuesday. And I definatley wasn't dissapointed! I love it, and can hardly put it down. Well written, tense, well paced, good writing, multi-dimensional characters - simply wonderful to find in a book. I just wish I'd brought the second and third book, when I'd picked up the first! :D

Hope you are all having a wonderful, wonderful week (especially if it's half term for you aswell)
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