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Thursday, 5 January 2012


I'll be honest and tell you all I had almost forgotten about dear old Lush and how much I loved it...

But after going to London, and searching up and down Regent Street for it, I fell back in love, hard! Like a love stricken teenager, who's been in a long distance relationship!
I spent so much money in the 50% off sale, buying my good old favourite 'Snow Fairy', and purchasing some gorgeous new stuff.
One of my new favourites is 'Glogg'!! Smelling like Mulled Wine and Cinnamon, it really makes the bathroom smell amazing, and makes my skin super-soft. I also got some 'Jilted Elf Jelly', 'Rockstar Soap', 'The Godmother Soap', 'Angels Delight Soap', 'Dear John Perfume', and 'Bubblegum Lip Scrub'.

I am planning another shopping trip there asap, to get some 'Happy Hippy Shower Gel' and 'Flying Fox Shower Gel'. I'm also dyeing to get my hands on a 'Pheonix Rising Bath Bomb' and the 'A French Kiss Bubble Bar'!!
Got my little bit of cash stashed away, just waiting for pay-day now, and then I'll be taking a trip to my nearest Lush shop.

I love everything they stand for, everything being ethically sourced, and vegetarian at the least. All the natural elements they use...I'm trying to cut all the synthetic, unhealthy cosmetics out of my life. I also got a load of natural bath gift sets from Matt for xmas, so I am well on my way, to healthier, glorified skin!!!
A Lush Foot Spa with my friend
(Cinder, So White, and Snow Fairy)

Now it's just cutting all the junk food, and unhealthy artificialness out of my diet ;)

If you haven't been to Lush, definitely go and give it a whirl!
You won't be able to stop sniffing at yourself! ;)
Have an amazing new year all.

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