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Monday, 27 June 2011

In response to Hanae

To Hanae, who commented on my post on Crafts.

For some reason blogger won't let me comment straight back to you, so in response to your question;

My etsy store is currently under construction, as I am busy making my items. If you were wondering, my faerie wings will not be for sale, as they're no where near the quality I want them to be. However leech pillows and cuddly leech toys will be available in various styles and colours.

I will make a post as soon as my etsy store is running smoothly :)


  1. Aww, thank you for your effort to create a whole blog post just to answer my question! :)
    I can't wait for the leech pillows, I'm really excited! Will you post some pictures of your faerie wings though? I'd love to see you wearing them. :)

    Hanae <3

  2. No problem sweetheart, I'm just glad you're interested :)
    I will definatley take some photos of my wings, although I warn you they are quite shoddy work, first ever attempt at such a thing. I'll upload some process photos as well for you.

    Jade xx